How To Keep Your Curls Healthy And Protected This Summer

Fun plans this 4th of July? Taking the kiddos out for a day at pool, hanging out at a family cookout, or spending some time at the lake? Well, that’s all fun and games until you have to deal with the dry and tangled aftermath.

No fear! Don’t be that girl who misses out on the fun to save your tresses. You’re that one who can do both (looks bomb and enjoys the summer activities as well)!

  1. Braid it up: Corn rows are in (us curly girls have known that but everyone else seems to have caught on)! 😉 When you’re swimming or in windy conditions, loose hair tangles up fast. Save yourself from spending 2 hours with the wide toothed comb.
  2. Deep conditioner: DC-ing your hair isn’t just for Sunday afternoon. If your curls are in a protective style like a braid or bun then go ahead and multitask and throw some deep conditioner in there… no one will ever know! The sun’s heat will actually hair your deep conditioner penetrate the hair shaft and work even better!
  3. Sun protection: Not only your face and body can get sunburnt, so can your scalp! And a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. Wear a cute hat to stay covered. I love these curly-girl friendly hats with plenty of room for a big curly poof or pony!
  4. Know your ingredients: Summer curls aren’t the same as winter curls and many of us change up our products depending on the season. But a lot of “summer” products are filled with silicones in an effort to cut back on frizz. They work by ultimately keeping the moisture out of your strands. However, curly hair needs all the moisture it can get!

Know exactly what’s in your hair product by making your own with EmbraceBox. With our easy to follow recipes and pre-measured ingredients, it’s super easy to DIY your haircare – and it’s a fun and educational experience with your little curly girl!

Butterscotch Cookie Shampoo_Product Image_v3
Happy 4th!

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