5 Tips to Winterize Your Daughter’s Curls

Yep, we’re already talking about winter; where has the year gone? For those of us north of the equator we’ll really start to feel the chill later in the season so it’s important to get your family’s hair prepared now. Let’s get started shall we?

1. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize little girl going to throw a snowball
This may be a given, but it’s extremely important to keep your daughter’s hair moist and pliable during the colder winter months. During the winter, most of our time is spent indoors in heated environments that, with time can dry her hair. Fortunately, Michelle B. shows you how to increase and protect moisture levels with a deep conditioner made from products in your kitchen. For those of us that wash and go for either you or your daughter, it’s fine, just be careful. Frigid winter months lead to hair damage because your hair literally freezes. Fortunately, we were able to track down safe wash and go tips from Curly Nikki.

2. Love thy ends
Winter is a great time to give a little extra care to her hair’s vulnerable ends. It’s the most sensitive part of her hair strand because it’s been with her the longest and has dealt with the most. Take your pick of sealant (I recommend shea butter) to keep her ends safe, as they endure the next couple of months in chilly weather. Don’t take my word for it Naturally Dany, dives deeper and offers up other tips to winterize your hair in her blog post. Also, you should consider getting her ends trimmed this fall so that nutrients are only focused on the healthier parts of her hair strands.

3. Cool out in the shower
Okay we get it, it’s cold outside so the first thing your little one wants to do to escape the cold is take a hot bath or shower. Sorry to break the news but, really hot water isn’t the biggest friend to hair and can lead to damage. Try using warm or even cold water along with a sealant to lock in moisture. Also, for those of you who’ve been sneaking in an extra wash or two during the summer, it’s important to scale back your wash frequency during winter months so that you don’t strip her hair of natural oils.

4. Pre-wash oiling 
In general, winter can be pretty harsh on your hair. Not to mention everything else your hair faces from washing to combing to wool hat wearing etc. That being said, it’s important to lightly coat your hair with a light natural oil prior to shampooing. Why? Well it helps boost your moisturizing efforts and gives your hair a stronger defense against over drying that occurs from over shampooing.

5. Be gentle 
Winter is a time where you’ll see kids wearing all shades of hats. From hats that are bright tangerine to candy apple to deep fuchsia, these not only help you spot your child miles away, they also help keep them warm as temperatures drop. As the colors vary, the materials that the hats and scarves are made of vary. Wool in particular is great for holding in heat, however it causes stress to your daughter’s hair because it pulls at her strands. A simple fix for this is to line all of her hats with a layer of silk or satin to reduce any unnecessary pulling.

This isn’t an exhaustive list so feel free to do your own research and share with us anything that we may have missed. I think it goes without saying that low manipulation of hair should be practiced even more during the winter (no combs, just fingertips too). Well, we hope this short list was informative, and if you haven’t already, learn more about how EmbraceBox, can equip you with the tools you need to make your daughter’s hair care a breeze, even during the winter.

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